KKU unveils a drone, the most accurate AI in Thailand for sweetness measurement in sugarcane plantation

KKU debuts the most accurate flying AI for sweetness measurement in sugarcane to stand by for 5G technology. 

      Under the lead of Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Panthongviriyakul (M.D.), KKU joins its buddies in a press meeting about a project entitled, “Field Practice Solutions (FPS) to provide all types of consultants about farming issues. A project called, “Economic Spearhead” is a joint venture between KKU and its allies including; The National Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Policy Council and The National Science and Technology Development Agency. Under this project, a smart technology of pilotless flying drone for sugar level evaluation and sugarcane productivity was developed by the project leader, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khuantree Sangprachatanarak, from the Department of Agricultural Engineering of KKU. Private sectors that take part in the invention are; HG Robotics Company, Global Crop Company, Banrai Sugar Industry, Saraburi Sugar Co.Ltd., Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Co. Ltd. The displaying of the drone conducted at The Science Park of Khon Kaen University on 26 July attracted large group of about 300 audiences who were representatives of sugar business.  

      Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Panthongviriyakul said that KKU has been active for innovation development and collaborated with private sectors to put KKU research results for the development an innovation. KKU aims to spread our commercial innovation at international level. This press conference is held as a result of KKU success in the development of innovation that helps increase the agricultural productivity of Thailand under the country’s new dimension for industrial development called, New-S-Curve development. Thailand is a hub of agricultural products, which are sold at a relatively low price. With the application of AI, IOT and AT technology that are being developed by KKU researcher team, the agricultural products will be raised at higher quality and sold at higher price. This will raise the country compatibility at international market. Particularly, this smart-pilotless flying AI will help increase the productivity of the sugarcane. The smart drone application for the field-practice-solutions (FPS) will have brighter future on the shortcoming of 5G technology. 

      Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khuantree Sangprachatanarak added that the smart flying AI drone is effective for field practice solution (FPS) in predicting sweetness of the sugarcane in big plantations. The AI developed by KKU is 20 times cheaper than the imported one and the indication of sweetness is more than the plus and minus one level, which is the conventional indication of sweetness level available in Thailand now. The estimation of sugarcane product and sweetness using manual method bears as high as 40 percent of error. Using AI drone with the data from satellite software can accurately predict the sugarcane sweetness, growing rate, and identifying disease of an immensely big plot of land in just a very short time. AI drone also indicates the right time for harvesting which helps reduce the reduction of sweetness that is usually resulted from unduly harvesting time. It may trigger the farmers’ cooperation to not burn the field during harvesting season, which can directly help reduce PM 2.5 in the air. 

      “Using the algorithm analysis from a satellite picture of an area can help a KKU researchers to predict the light reflecting ability of the leave of the plant, which is directly related to the plant’s health such as ability to absorb water and even plant diseases. AI can help accurately measure sweetness in sugarcane. This technology should be promoted and placed to work more in the future. For the economic reason, the knowledge in this AI drone for field practice purpose (FPS) should not be revealed to foreigner competitors. When this technology is widely used, it can make a big change in our country’s agricultural products. It is hoped that in the future,  the hard work in doing sugarcane plantation such as, planting, fertilizing, watering, and harvesting, can be done by just one worker with the help of this AI technology.  



News : Jiraporn Pratumchai
Photos: Weerapong Kanasiriwong 

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