Delightful news for KKU’s Faculty of Education to be ranked one of 3 Thai universities in the World University Ranking 2023 by Education Subject

Faculty of Education of Khon Kaen University has been placed one of 3 Thai universities by THE World University Ranking 2023 by subject: Education. In other words, by the under the Best Universities for Education Majors in the World, Faculty of Education of Khon Kaen University is placed the third in Thailand and the 400-500th place of the world.

Prof. Sumalee Chaijaroen, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Education said that during her office in the Faculty from 2019, the vision of the Faculty is to become “A leading education institution of the country with an aim to create educational innovations to upgrade the educational quality of the country”. The intention is towards being one out of 3 institutions in Thailand in the field of education. The Faculty’s development strategy is to answer the national challenge in preparing professional teachers and education that assists in national development and requirements of the society. The Faculty has applied the organizational administration according to the Edpex criteria and has been certified for quality based on Edpex200. It is the first education faculty in Thailand in the category. The success of the Faculty is from emphasis on holistic development, connection of cooperation from lecturers of the Faculty and teachers from the demonstration schools, and preparing of new generation of youths and educational innovations that have impact on the educational quality of the country.

Assoc. Prof. Issara Kanjak, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Strategies and Organization Development added that the important goal of the Faculty is to place the importance on people and social values. This is under the strategies set by the Faculty that cover all dimensions. There is the system for monitoring and following-up of administration. There is continuous learning management and job development. The Faculty also listens to customers and all of those involved in order to develop and create innovations. The place in the ranking is the outcome of the Faculty’s dedication for society and education that helps improving the national educational quality. When considering the details of THE World University Ranking 2023 by subject: Education, it was found that the place of the Faculty was higher, from 500th+ to 400-500th. And when considering different indicators, the Faculty is outstanding in nearly all aspects, especially in International Outlook, or the image at the international level, where the score is the highest in the country. Following this is the Industrial Income aspect or earnings from Teaching industry, Citation of Research and Research. It is now time for the Faculty to change the strategy so that development will climb up to a higher level. There must also be deployment and development of organization to meet with the future Edpex300 quality assessment and national quality awards.

Assoc. Prof. Jarunee Chamat, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Education and Quality Development repeated that the Faculty will apply the Education Transformation policy to improve the programs that emphasize new learning paradigm, outcome-based education programs, integration of digital technology and educational innovations and AI to prepare graduates with high competency.

Assoc. Prof. Wayu Kanajanasorn, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Student Development and Organization Relation said that development of competency promotion for students and building of safe learning environment for students are important and should be emphasized. Moreover, the Faculty will provide social services in which students can go for practicum in real communities and help building social values (CSV).

Assoc. Prof. Sitthipon At-in, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Administration added that building competency for academic and supporting is important, and should be in parallel with deployment of the strategies of the Faculty. In this regard, the Faculty emphasizes attachment, provision of chances for learning, and building cooperation.

Prof. Sumalee Chaijaroen, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Education ended that the Faculty is grateful to the President and administrators of Khon Kaen University, administrators of the Faculty of Education and the Demonstration Schools as well as present and former students of the Faculty who have built successful work outcomes and supported the Faculty. The Faculty is prepared to grow and proceed to meet the future challenges and will help building sustainable quality education for Thailand.


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