Best Practice! Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry win 2 prizes from the 2021 Thailand Quality Award

Thursday March 3, 2022 – Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI), a network institute of the Ministry of Industry and the Office of the Thailand Quality Award held a press release of the 2021 Thailand Quality Award at Ballroom 1, 4th Floor, Intercontinental Hotel Bangkok. Mr. Kobchai Sangsitthisawat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry presided over the ceremony. On this occasion, Assoc. Prof. Waranuch Pitipat, Ph.D., D.D.S., Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry went to receive the Thailand Quality Class Plus: People – TQC Plus (People) while Assoc. Prof. Apichat jirawutthipong, Ph.D., M.D., Dean of the Faculty of Medicine received the Thailand Quality Class (TQC) award.


The Thailand Quality Award each year is aimed at announcing Thai organizations from all sectors that have been dedicated in continuously improving the organization. The awards guarantee the potentialities, performance, readiness and standards of excellent operations comparable to the international level.

Mr. Kobchai Sangsitthisawat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry said, “The criteria for the Thailand Quality Award are the mechanism behind the works and the competitive competency in industry as a whole. The award is also aimed at enhancing efficiency in management and provoking the use of technology and innovation for operational improvement that catches up with time as well as building values for Thai organizations of all sectors, including industry, service, enterprise and education, which are key sectors behind national development. In addition, the award is in accordance with the direction of the 13th National Social and Economic Development Plans that aim to transform Thailand under the Resilience Concept, which targets decrease of fragility and building of readiness for the changes and for confronting crises, growing and surviving under all challenges.”

Assoc. Prof. Waranuch Pitipat, Ph.D., D.D.S., Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry revealed about the success in winning the Thailand Quality Class Plus: People – TQC Plus: People of 2021. “The Faculty works systematically. We regularly revise the organizational context, bringing the needs and expectations of students, those receiving service and all groups of stakeholders into the setting of goals we are aiming at. This leads to clear strategies, which are transferred to all to see the goals and hence their working approach is effective. All in the organization have common understanding. Besides, we emphasize the importance in human resource administration. The Faculty’s vision is to build good environment for personnel and to be the “Best Place to Work”. Therefore, we always build understanding among everyone so that they all see the common goals. This makes everyone know the duty and role of themselves, and work together as a team. All see their own and the others’ values, cooperate in the work and are proud to be part of the organizational success. Finally we have the target to transfer good values to our students, our customers, and all groups of stakeholders. We also aim at building social benefits; and therefore we are able to plan effective strategies and working system.”

“From the past operation, the Faculty of Dentistry of Khon Kaen University has based our works on the Thailand Quality Award Criteria. This led to revision of work outcomes and analyses until we were able to see that we were not good in everything. There were gaps that need to be filled in, to be improved. We have also had the guidelines for self-development that would lead to the successful end that we set for ourselves, i.e., “The Best Dentistry School for Everyone”.

Assoc. Prof. Apichat jirawutthipong, Ph.D., M.D., Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University explained about the success in receiving Thailand Quality Class (TQC of 2021). “The Faculty sets the direction for organizational development into a center for health problem research collaboration. The Faculty has an aim to prepare doctors and specialists in many fields. There are programs in medical sciences that integrate research and innovation. The Faculty’s Medical hub is under its way as a medical center that integrates instruction and research that promote health care services and solve community and social health problems. There are projects that have achieved outstanding work outcomes for the community such as the liver fluke disease project, cholangiocarcinoma project, and the project for mitigating kidney atrophy in the Northeast.

“The criteria in Thailand Quality Award are the tools that very well guide the organization according to the context. An organization to which the community is attached is the best work place with high potentialities, modern, efficient, and sustainable. The organization is working for the customers and stakeholders. Works are collaborated by all units and team leaders at all levels. These are the important factors behind the granting of a prize from the Thailand Quality Class this year. In addition, on the occasion of the 50th year anniversary of the Faculty, we are prepared to work towards the goal as an excellence medical center that will benefit the public in terms of good health for all, through our instruction, research and innovation in health and through continuous organizational development.”

This year, there are 14 organizations receiving the prizes in 5 different fields: 1 institution awarded the Thailand Quality Award (TQA); 2 organizations receiving the Thailand Quality Class Plus: Innovation – TQC Plus: Innovation; 1 organization receiving the Thailand Quality Class Plus: Customer – TQC Plus: Customer; 2 organizations awarded the Thailand Quality Class Plus: People – TQC Plus: People; and 8 organizations receiving the Thailand Quality Class (TQC).

News: Rawiporn Saisaenthong



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