2021 Featured News of Khon Kaen University

Over the year 2021, Khon Kaen University has been operating under the vision to become: “A World-Class Research and Development University”. The administration of 2021 thus was based on 3 key strategies, namely ‘People’ – or the stakeholders of the University, ‘Ecological’ – the ecology of the University, and ‘Spiritual’ – the spirit of Khon Kaen University. All through the year, the administrators, lecturers, staff members and the students have done their duties well.

As an academic institution, Khon Kaen University has conducted a lot of projects that support our forming of graduates with qualities for the society. We have applied the knowledge derived from research works to assist in developing the society in various aspects. We have carried out a lot of activities, of which the news reports have been publicized. Many of such projects have brought high impacts to the world society, for they contained processing of knowledge that is useful for people. Mass media have quoted the news from the website of the University for publishing in a wide circle. The top news of the year 2021 that answer the above 3 strategies are as follows:

  • For ‘People’ strategy, the news was on civil-related operations and stakeholders such as preparation of quality graduates, promotion of digital literacy skills for lecturers and staff, and research-driven social development.

In-depth interviewing of the 3 new graduates, who are physically disabled, but have strong mindfulness



KKU is ready to open a new program on High Speed Train, aiming at preparing high potential graduates for the high-speed train market


12 medical students of KKU win international medical prizes from SIMPIC 2021




The 18th KKU Art Lane is now open with a lot of creative booths


KKU’s Nose-surgical device for patients with cleft lips and palates wins a Switzerland ‘silver medal’ international award



A new dental device, ‘Dental Chamber’ for preventing diffuse of particles and reducing Covid-19 contract


KKU doctors confirm that those receiving 2 shots of Sinovac should receive a booster of Vector virus mRNA for protection against Covid-19



KKBS launches KKBSX Platform – full-online instruction and a life-long learning resource for business science


KKU students win a prize from the friendly toilet design contest for tourism spots


The first time in Thailand, KKU medical specialist successfully performs an umbilical cord surgery of abnormal twins pregnancy


KKU joins EGAT for carrying out the 2020 innovation project for the environment https://th.kku.ac.th/83517/


The work under the ‘Ecological’ strategy is about the ecological system of the University that reflects modernization and tech-savvy work and living places. The news was on the management of the environment so that it is economical, pleasant, convenient and safe for people, as a “Green University” with development towards internationalization and a World Class University. Following are the tops news of 2021:

Excellent job! KKU ranks the first in SDGs 4 Quality Education for 3 consecutive years fromTHE Impact Rankings 2021



Continuing applause! KKU is one out of 10 Thai universities in the QS World University Rankings 2022


The KKU Smart Flower Farm now open, waiting for visitors to check-in


KKU Library launches 3 Temi robots with new functions to help reduce Covid-19 spread among the medical teams of Srinagarind Hospital (with video clip)


KKU comes up with the “timeline map for spotting Covid patients” helping doctors to link cases, and ready for extension over the country



KKU launches Home Isolation system for hospitals all over the country to use with home patients during the new high of Covid-19



Department of Medicine signs MOU with KKU to develop a system for issuing electronics medical certifying documents


Open a gateway to success! Science Park, KKU and the “Maker Greenovation Platform” wins one out of ten best works of the world from IASP 2021


KKU up-levels the instruction with Metaverse technology



The news under the ‘Spiritual’ strategy was on the work in instilling the spirit of Khon Kaen University that reflects good governance and peace, enhances unity, cooperation, big projects joined by many faculties in the health sciences, sciences and technology, and humanities and social sciences, as well as cooperation with Me Kong institutions; and instilling the mindset of social devotion. Following are the top news of 2021:

KKU wins the outstanding institution award for promotion of anti-corruption from the “ANTI-CORRUPTION AWARDS 2021”


KKU drives forward U2T, answering the government policy to upgrade Isan quality of life https://th.kku.ac.th/55933/


Two projects under U2T of Khon Kaen University win in the U2T Hackathon 2021, reflecting KKU strength in the work for the community


KKU joins 2 big private organizations to push hemps towards the world products, help farmers, and stimulate Thai economy


KKU joins NRC, giving 100,000 liver fluke inspection sets to Public Health Ministry to easily screen liver flukes


KKU mobilizes assistance for flood victims around Khon Kaen


Lanterns for the “water thanking tradition’, a spiritual activity of Khon Kaen University https://th.kku.ac.th/81688/

KKU grows hemps for research and development of cultivars for medicine and industry https://th.kku.ac.th/45509/


News / Photos: Communications Division, Khon Kaen University


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