The success of 2 outstanding prototype projects under U2T of KKU that win in the U2T Hackathon 2021 and prove KKU strength in community responsibilities

The national socio-economic restoration emphasizes the work at the community level by building jobs and occupations for self-reliance according to the principle of sufficiency economy. 60,000 new graduates and the public are employed to work in communities or sub-districts in one year. This project is called University to Tambon or U2T, carried out under 4 objectives: upgrading sub-district society by a university acting as a system Integrator, managing the community Big Data, employing the public, new graduates and students, and restoring community economy by solving the community problems. Khon Kaen University has joined the project under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation by being the Upper Isan node, regulating and carrying out the work in 395 sub-districts of 15 provinces in a group of 9 universities. 16 faculties and departments of Khon Kaen University have joined to take responsibilities over 135 sub-districts. The length of the project is one year until December 2021.

U2T Hackathon 2021 Competition, to select the tops of the Upper Northeast, was held at the Conference Room, the 50th Year Maha Vajiralongkorn Loei Rajabhat University.

Since the opening day of the project in November 2020, Khon Kaen University has carried out the work assigned intensively, with successful reports from all areas until now, where we are at Stage 4 of the project. This stage is the drawing out of lessons learned to obtain a prototype for further work. Hackathon is thus organized to open up a chance for those being employed to brainstorm their ideas about the problems and needs in the sub-districts. Hackathon 2021 was joined by 320 teams or 2000 participants. The 8 regional universities all over the country were the hosts. 40 teams were to be selected to enter the national final round. As for the problem solution, the questions were related to creative economy, technology/health care, circular economy, and art and culture.

The U2T Hackathon 2021 was held on July 14-15, 2021 at the Conference Room, the 50th Year Maha Vajiralongkorn Loei Rajabhat University. Five teams were selected as the representatives to enter the competition at the national level. Khon Kaen University was pleased that U2T Kud Khao Telemedicine Excellent Health and Vermi Team from KKU won, along with 3 other teams from the Upper Northeast.

U2T Kud Khao telemedicine is a team from Kud Khao Sub-district, Munjakhiree District, Khon Kaen and is under the responsibility of KKU, by the Academic Service Bureau. The team was led by Miss Jittraporn Phanchat, and members included Miss Kiitmatorn Maneesri, Miss Cherdchom Khamngam, Miss Jenjira Kanyamo, Mr. Krisdakorn Masri, Miss Kanjana Khenanan, Miss Praphawadee Chuamodoo, and Mr. Kasinat Kuakoon. The team worked with the Academic Service Bureau, KKU, Kud Khao TAO, village health volunteers and Munjakhiree Hospital. They proposed a health check/screening program on a mobile phone. The program deals with non-communicable diseases that arise from life habits. The checking is done using the telemedicine device, which is a new innovation that can check blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, height, blood oxygen. The next development is renal check without blood drawing, but using urine instead. This device was invented by Ajarn Chavis Srijan from the Faculty of Engineering who conducted the research with personnel in the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science and T Robotics Co. Ltd.

When compared the results with a doctor visit, it was found that a doctor can meet 10 patients a day, while the telemedicine can deal with 50 people. The doctor’s patient checking is 350 baht per person or 3500 baht/day while the telemedicine costs 200 baht daily (4 baht/person).

Miss Jittraporn Phanchat, a new graduate and the head of U2T Kud Khao telemedicine said she was happy that the work was selected. The success came from the dedication of the team. She obtained skills in speaking, thinking, problem solving, communicating and team work. It is important in team working to listen to and respect others as well as to adjust oneself in different aspects. All of these lead to efficiency in the work done.

“Because Telemedicine can diagnose ncd very quickly – within 3-5 minutes – doctors will be able to treat the patient in time. There is also the Cloud system that enables retro-inspection. This is new and different. The team slogan is“Telemedicine – quick, safe, not hurting”, the innovation and operation are the outstanding outcomes that have brought success to our team and Khon Kaen University,” Miss Jittraporn said.

Vermi Team is another team that brings reputation to Khon Kaen University. The team is from Muang Phia Sub-district, Ban Phai, Khon Kaen. The area is under the responsibility of the Faculty of Agriculture with Ajarn Patharaporn Phumjanthuek as the coordinator and Assoc. Prof. Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai, Ph.D., a researcher and Director of the Research and Development of Worms for Agriculture and Environment Center, Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University as the advisor. Students, new graduates and villagers joined this project, which was led by Miss Wijittra Unkaew. Members include Miss Krittiyakorn Ruangkhetkarn, Miss Supawadee Ruangjanda, Miss Pantipa Khlongkhlaew, and Mr. Chetwarun Thatsaneeyapong.

Vermi Team proposed the work on “Value Adding for Buffaloes and Worm Fertilizer Production Technology.” The project promotes abilities among green vegetable farmers to produce earthworm fertilizers for their own use in their farms. This also reduces the use of chemicals that may remain in the vegetables, produces safe food, promotes sustainably good health from the household to the community levels. The use of such fertilizers does not destroy the environment and restores the soil fertility. Moreover, the safe vegetables also build good incomes from the higher prices. The Vermi-technology is used to enable the farmers in the area to produce earthworm fertilizers, plan their selling, build the product brands for the community, plan the Business Model Canvas. The target groups are the people who care for their health and organic farmers. The project also adds the marketing channels in the community and online, plans the production to be adequate for market demand, builds the network of worm raising so that the community people can rely on themselves, promote a community enterprise of safe vegetable farmers at Ban Cheeko. The farmer group is chaired by Mr. Thanom Sriwong.

Miss Wijittra Unkaew, the leader of Vermi Team said that U2T benefits the community in many aspects including occupational promotion, skill development among students, graduates and the public, who learn to work with different organizations and officers in those organizations. They also learn to work as a team, plan the work before and after implementation. All through the project, they have obtained experiences in the work and coordination with different organizations. They are now able to bring the knowledge and innovation from Khon Kaen University to develop the community.

“We planned to work in team as the members have different working experiences such as in producing media, agricultural promotion, farming earthworms, and marketing. Therefore, the outcome is interesting to the Committee and other people. Our work can also be extended for use on other areas,” Miss Wijittra said.

From winning the U2T Hackathon2021, each team received 50,000 baht prize, which also confirms the achievement according to the goal of Khon Kaen University. The work outcomes can be used to solve community problems and the success demonstrates the intention of Khon Kaen University in social responsibilities. The 2 teams will get ready for the national competition round in November this year.

News: Udomchai Supannawong

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