KKU provides ‘Happy Boxes’ for catering foods and goods to the patients at the Field Hospital and to students living in the surrounding dorms

Khon Kaen University, under cooperation with the province, Provincial Public Health Office, Khon Kaen Contagious Disease Committee, and Khon Kaen Center Hospital to undergo Covid-19 pandemic situation; has turned Dorm 26 into a Field Hospital. The hospital was opened on April 15, 2021 and is operating according to the ministerial standard as well as the University’s policy in using the resources to help solving the province’s problems.

……………On April 27, 2021 at Sirikunakorn Building, Office of the President of Khon Kaen University – Office of the President led by Miss Sunipa Swaingoen, Director of the Office arranged the Happy Boxes for catering foods and goods to the patients at the Field Hospital and the students living in the dormitories around the place. In the morning, many people brought a lot of foods and stuffs to add into the boxes, including Ajarn Natsamol, Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs; Mr. Tanya Pakdee, Director of the Central Administration Division; Mrs. Pairat Khankaewkobsiri, Acting Director of Student Dormitory Administration Division; Mr. Kasem Phuthamma, Director of the Division of Security; and KKU staff.

Miss Sunipa Swaingoen said, “Under the spread of Covid-19 at present, Khon Kaen University has taken action by providing medical care and assistance to the patients and has transformed Dorm 26 into a field hospital. It is the policy of Khon Kaen University to provide assistance and support the patients in all aspects. This Happy Box project is one of the approaches we are taking under this policy. The Office of the President has provided the boxes at Sirikunakorn Building for people to bring foods and other consumption goods to share with others.

Mr. Tanya Pakdee said, “The boxes are placed on two sides of the Office of the President, so that those coming to the building can bring over dry foods, consumption goods, drinking water, etc. We have been reported that things in shortage now include hygiene masks, tissue paper, soap, toothpaste, etc. Every day, the Office will send these to the Field Hospital and to the dormitories. Under this crisis situation, many students are also in trouble. The director of the Student Dormitory Administration Division will be responsible in bringing the donated items to the hospital and dormitories. KKU people please help donating things with us. You can put them at the Office of the President or in the boxes you find in the campus.”

……………In addition to providing medical care and treatment to the patients with Covid-19 at Srinagarind Hospital, KKU also supports the patients at the field hospital which operates under the standards of the Ministry of Public Health. There are measures taken for safety, communications through the installed WiFi system, and other facilities for the patients. KKU, with the hope that the patients will recover soon, also strictly observes the safety of students and staff as well as the people, by taking precautions in all aspects so that no impacts will arise.

News: Wachara Noichompoo

Photos: Natthapong Chamnan-ua



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