KKU trains school teachers on Smart Learning technology
Wed 6 Feb. 2019

       During January 26th and February 4th-6th, 2019, at Khon Kaen International Convention and Exhibition Center and The Pullman Hotel in Khon Kaen, KKU hosted a seminar to promote its KKU Smart Learning Phase 2 to the secondary school teachers from 7 secondary education service areas (Offices of the Basic Education Commission No.19, No.20, No.21,No.22, No.23,No.24, No.25, No.26, No.27, No.28, No.29, No.30, No.31 No.32, and No.33) across the Northeastern Region. About 600 teachers from 210 schools joined the event and each was distributed with over 200 learning innovations to be used at their school.

Assoc.Prof.Kulthida Tuamsuk, the head of KKU Smart Learning team, said the project was aimed to appraise on the teachers’ role a key person to help escalade the standard of education while the application of learning technology is introduced for the teaching of different subject contents. The teachers were involved in analyzing the content of the subject and planning related learning activities. KKU Smart Learning Technology was also introduced to the teachers. However, the teacher is the most important person to convey the lesson content and encourage learning. Therefore, teachers in the project from 210 secondary schools from all provinces in the northeastern region of Thailand, more than 1,500 people have to be trained and be a smart teacher .They are be able to bring KKU Smart Learning innovation to the class confidently. Morever, KKU Smart Learning Project have focused to develop the secondary students competency development for from Grade 7 – 8 in currently and coming up soon for Grade 9. These are bringing the research and development work and collaboration of the young lecturers and researchers of Khon Kaen University from more than 20 faculty members and project staffs more than 50 students rotate to participate in activities.
The seminar that highlighted the application of technology for instruction attended high level of the teachers’ satisfaction. Dr. Anucha Somaboot, the assistant of the head of the program, presented to the teachers the ideas for classroom research based on www.menti.com website. Learning through technology fits with the current day students’ need and it provides immediate response about the students’ learning.
Mrs. Pawinee Roongruangsin, a teacher from Buriram, said “I attend this project for the first time. I did not allow my students to use their mobile phone during the lesson and I often earn low participation from them. I admit here that I know relatively little about the modern way of teaching. Smart Learning increases interaction in the classroom with immediate response. Smart learning method allows the mobile phone to be used effectively in the classroom to promote learning. I am excited to use this technique with my students.”
There was a memorandum signing between KKU smart learning project and the participating schools on April, 2018. It was endorsed in this agreement that the schools need to have its Smart Learning Board that is chaired by the school director. The school assistant director is an assistant of the project at the school level and the heads of Mathematics, Science and English departments are the committee. The seminars are set to be held two times per semester. This current seminar is the second meeting of the second term. The grand meeting will be held on April 23 to gain reflective views on the operation of the project.
It is hoped that the KKU Smart Learning will help the teachers to understand their own role as a master key for the betterment of Thai education. The project is designed to help the teachers to master the ability to analyze the content of the lesson and plan effective learning activities for the lesson with appropriate application of learning technology.




News/Photos : Jirapon Pratoomchai

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