Nongkhai Campus reopens its library after renovation pause
Fri 30 Nov. 2018

On November 30, 2018, KKU’s Nongkhai Campus officially reopens the library after a period of renovation. Khon Kaen Central Library and Nongkhai Campus’ Dr. Chowayupak Library representatives co-existed in the NKC Library Open House ceremony via a video conference channel. The ceremony was chaired by Asst. Prof. Dr. Kiart Sang-aroon, the vice president of Nongkhai Campus, and the objectives of the program was reported by Dr.Tanatchaporn Gitikong, an assistant director for academic service while Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wanida Gaen-agart, the central library director welcomed that guests.   

Dr.Tanatchaporn Gitikong said KKU library is propelling toward an excellent resources center with high service innovation in order to make KKU a leading research university of the world. Nongkhai Campus’s library also gains merit from this policy since a budget of 2,100,000 baht was provided to help the campus renovate its library. Service systems, including the betterment of the E-book database and the installation of tables and chairs and the creating of learning atmosphere, were improved based on the provided budget. Moreover, Gate Access is installed at the entrance to help gauge the number of users. The renovated library is also made to link with a classroom which allows more space for reading and book keeping.

 Asst. Prof. Dr. Kiart Sang-aroon said he was thankful for the staff at Nongkhai Campus library for making the new library a learning center for all. The renovated library is a cozy place for learning equipped with all convenience. The library is capable to cater for the campus members and Nongkhai people. Under the slogan, “Library for all” it helps create lifelong learning and learning community in Nongkhai. The library will help equip the students with proper knowledge and prepare them to be desirable graduates and future labors of the nation.

Miss Sookawadee Srisam-ang, a senior business administration student, said she likes reading at the new library because there are more new corners added after the renovation. There are rooms for individual learning, group discussion, and smart TV. The library looks really lively and everything needed for learning is included. She said she had tried using a 3D pen in the library and she liked it very much.