KKU and Tsukuba proceed towards Isan and CLMV development
Wed 11 Oct. 2017

          Khon Kaen University President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kittichai Traratanasirichai, administrators and researchers joined research presentation at Tsukuba Global Science Week 2017 (TGSW2017) at University of Tsukuba, Japan from September 24 to 27, 2017 in order to exchange knowledge and collaborate research work that is meant to upgrade the quality of life of people in the Northeast of Thailand.

          Khon Kaen University President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kittichai Traratanasirichai said that Khon Kaen University was honored to be invited to Tsukuba Global Science Week 2017 (TGSW2017), which is the bilateral collaboration that aims to develop CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam). These countries are Thailand’s neighbors and are rich with natural resources and cultures which also are similar or close to those of Thailand. CLMV attracts multi-nations to invest and hence it is a good chance for Thailand to present research work that will assist in upgrading the quality of life of the people in these countries, under Tsukuba University’s collaboration.

         “One of the things we see, is not only developing our own country. We should help developing the neighboring countries to grow with us. In this meeting, we see the potential and readiness to assist CLMV as well as Isan people towards better living. Khon Kaen University has implemented research work that will be useful in this regard such as water management, education development, nursing, Me Kong regional medical hub (with Srinagarind Hospital, Queen Sirikit Heart Center, and Dentistry Hospital) that also serve CLMV. Besides, bio-economy projects have been promoted with CLMV towards being the world kitchen. TGSW 2017, with collaboration of the two universities will certainly strengthen CLMV until they earn sufficiently for their quality living.” 

          Professor Dr. Kanok Wongtra-ngan, the honorable adviser of Khon Kaen University ASEAN Teacher Profession Research and Development Institute revealed that TGSW 2017 is an important step for Khon Kaen University and Tsukuba University to build qualifies people to new types of work such as extracting nutrients from plants and animals for medicinal purposes, applying Japanese comics to build values and thinking process in education. It is a good chance for Khon Kaen Univesity to join with leading researchers.               

At Tsukuba Global Science Week 2017 (TGSW2017), Khon Kaen University was invited to present the research work on Impact of Japanese Comics on Thai Society by Asst. Prof. Dr. Kiratiporn Jutawiriya, a lecturer from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Japanese comics have hidden roles in conveying cultures, values and inspiration. This makes Thai people see good images of Japanese people in many dimensions. 

          Asst. Prof. Dr. Kiratiporn Jutawiriya said that Japanese cartoons are developed from books to animation and then to products. Thai people are greatly influenced by Japanese comics, with consequences of good perception of Japanese cultures, economy, and society. This is called social power, or willing action. The stories told in the cartoons make Thai people believe that Japanese people are disciplined, diligent, patient, not opposing, although in history, there was a war between Japan and Thailand. Nowadays, the rate of Japanese language studies is increasing. Japan is the first to the fifth countries Thai people prefer to visit as tourists. It could be said that Japan successfully uses comics to increase Japanese values in Thailand.

In addition, Tsukuba University has invited administrators and researchers from Faculties of Engineering, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Agriculture, Education, and Applied Science and Engineering to the event for sharing and exchanging knowledge and for discussing academic collaboration in different fields as well as a study tour to different faculties at Tsukuba University.


News revised by President of Khon Kaen University

News / Photographs: Jiraporn Prathumchai and Natthapong Chamnan-ua