Poverty Mitigation Project to solve and develop the living of northeastern people and to reduce social gaps

This project is based on the sufficiency economy philosophy and has emerged from cooperation of many sectors, through areal analysis and search for solution and development for needy people to be able to live on and hold a self-reliable attitude. The project is ongoing in 4 provinces: Khon Kaen, Roi-et, Maha Sarakham and Kalasin covering […]

“Nanosilicon” Manufacturing Prototype Factory Research Project

“Nanosilicon” Manufacturing Prototype Factory Research Project is a prototype factory to manufacture “nanosilicon” from rice husks and ash for use in lithium ion battery poles. The nano materials can replace carbon, which is the conventional material in the manufacturing of anodes or cathodes of lithium ion batteries. This type of battery’s ability to store power […]

KKU Smart Learning Project – using innovation to develop secondary school students’ capacity

This project has been initiated by Khon Kaen University to increase secondary school students’ understanding in sciences, mathematics, and English as well as to enhance their skills in learning, media, technology and information, and life and occupational skills. The project integrates bodies of knowledge from lecturers and researchers of Khon Kaen University; from those with […]