Khon Kaen University Council

» Bureau of Information Technology- The University’s ICT Infrastructure
»  Khon Kaen University Library
» Bureau of Academic Administration and Development
» Bureau of Academic Service Khon Kaen University

 Office of The president 

Offices for University Administration
(๑) Audit Division

(๒) University Policy Support Division
(๓) Law Division

(๔) Sport Division

(๕) International Affairs Division

(๖) Finance Division

(๗) Public Utility, Energy and Environment Management Division

(๘) Human Resource Division

(๙) Student Dormitory Service Division

(๑๐) Central Administration Division

(๑๑) Research Administration Division

(๑๒) Security Division

(๑๓) Education Quality Development Division

(๑๔) Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division

(๑๕) Strategy Division

(๑๖) Communication Affairs Division

(๑๗) Building and Facility Division

Offices for University Strategy
(๑) General Education Teaching Institute

(๒) Confucius Institute

(๓) Language Institute

(๔) Research Institute for Food, Energy, and Water Stability in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (FEWs) 

(๕) Groundwater Resource Research Institute

(๖) Social Development Research Institute

(๗) Liver Fluke and Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute

(๘) Institute for Strategic Research and Coordination for Northeastern Development

(๙) Institute for Research and Development in Teaching Profession for ASEAN

(๑๐) Institute for Health-Science Research in the Greater Mekong Sub-region
(๑๑) International Continuing Education Center

(๑๒) Intellectual Property Center

(๑๓) Learning and Teaching Innovation Center

(๑๔) Asset Management Center

(๑๕) Coordination Center for Human Research Ethics Committee

(๑๖) Royal Initiative Projects Coordination Center

(๑๗) Human Resource Development Center

(๑๘) Culture Center

(๑๙) Northeastern Laboratory Animal Center

(๒๐) Center for ASEAN Studies

Offices for University Enterprise
(๑) Natural History Museum

(๒) Khon Kaen University Printing House

(๓) Hotel Management Center

(๔) Community Outreach Center

(๕) Learning Media Center

(๖) Science Park

 Student Union

» Student Union of Khon Kaen University 
» Khon Kaen University Student Council

 School/ Hospital
» Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University
» Srinagarind Hospital
» Queen Sirikit Heart Center of the Northeast
» Dental Hospital
» Khon Kaen University Veterinary Hospital

 Association/ Union
» KKU Alumni Association
» Faculty and Staff Senate of KKU
» Officials and Employess Association, Khon Kaen University
» North Eastern Neuroscience Association
» Khon Kaen University Golf Club
» Football club of Officials and Employess Association, Khon Kaen University
» Khon Kaen University staff Association
» ชThe Senior Citizen Association of Khon Kaen University

» Athletics Club of Officials and Employess Association, Khon Kaen University