“So Leh Forum, learning about ‘Sin Sai’ of the 2 Mekong banks”, through literature and KKU alumni

Friday, July 5, 2024 – the Student Development and Alumni Relation Section by the Division of Student Development and Alumni Relation joined ‘Hong Sin Sai’ and the Alumni Network to organize the “So Leh Forum, learning about ‘sin sai’ of the 2 Mekong banks” through literature and the network of KKU alumni. Asst. Prof. Kurusat Khonhan, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relation presided over the opening session and gave the opening address. Among distinguished attendants were Dr. Piyanat Sudee, Assistant to the President for Student Development and Alumni Relation and Mrs. Jetsadaporn Sriratanaprapan, Director of the Division of Student Development and Alumni Relation.

The morning session featured the forum on “Sin Sai of the two Mekong banks, from Vientiane to Khon Kaen. Participating as guest speakers were  Asst. Prof. Chob Deesuankhok, a former Director of KKU Cultural Institute and the advisor of ‘Hong Sin Sai’, Than Nang Duangduan (Weerawong) Boonyawong, a successor of Sin Sai Literature, Sila Weerawong version, a Lao PDR S.E.A. Write Awardee/ a notable Lao PDR artist/ Director of Ho Moon Thaen Taeng Museum; Khun Ruangchai Trachoo, a former Khon Kaen Mayor and President of Khon Kaen Municipal Council; Khun Peerapol Patanapeeradech, a former Khon Kaen Mayor and a Master’s degree alumnus of  COLA, Student Code 48); and Khun Wachira Trachoo. The speakers joined to relate about the background of sin sai literature, application, and town development from Sin Sai literature, which is a highly valuable cultural heritage of the Mekong Sub-region. The literature is inspiring in many dimensions and has been applied as the concept for urban development of  Khon Kaen Municipality.

Than Nang Diangduan (Weerawong) Boonyawong said, “First, my respect towards Phra Ajarn and good morning the experts, old friends, and the younger generation who are here today. It’s not enough for me to say I’m happy to come to Khon Kaen. At first I just wanted to stop by, but Ajarn Songwit asked me to meet former colleagues, and I couldn’t refuse. It is already 10 years that we haven’t met, for it’s hard to find an occasion. So it’s very impressive with good memories returns that make me smile to myself. Thank you so much for the activity.”

The afternoon session was the ‘Silapa Bao Jai’ that connects Sin Sai Literature with different areas of Hong Sin Sai, which comprises “Sin Sai Dern Dong”, 7 water resources, 9 dangerous checkpoints, literature learning through performance and forest areas, learning from exhibitions and museums that compile literature and Sin Sai stories exhibited and collected in different forms of media, and “Siang Sin Sai, Siang Hua Jai’, the activity for one to listen to one’s own heart and accept oneself as well as others. Speakers included: Asst. Prof. Songwit Pimpakan, Ph.D., Manager of Hong Sin Sai, a KKU Ph.D alumnus; Doctor Wanaporn Watanakul, a KKU alumnus, Class 28; and Mr. Pongsatorn Phuttakhota KKU alumnus, Class 63.


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