KKU warmly welcomes 2024 freshmen

Thursday June 13, 2024 – Division of Student Development, Khon Kaen University held the former Welcome KKU Freshmen 2024, the official ceremony presided over by Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University. The event, attended by the University and faculty administrators and held at the Golden Jubilee Convention Center, was participated by over 6,000 freshmen.

The official 2024 freshmen welcoming began with the new students running under the legendary “Khon Kaen Log” while each touching a letter on the log as the symbol for moving to live here in Khon Kaen. After this, all entered the ceremonial hall. The University administrators and deans of different faculties went on the stage to greet the students. Then there was the opening performance entitled, “Khwan”, performed by students from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts. Next, the President delivered the opening address and sang the song “Khwan Mon Din Daeng” with the administrators and rhythmic songs with the students. In the evening, a concert, PEPSI: Popteen Concert – K-pop cover dance was performed and was attended by a lot of students. At the end, the students were taken back safely to their accommodation.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University, congratulated and welcomed the new 2024 undergraduate students, Class 61st. “It is now 61 years that Khon Kaen University has taught and prepared class after class of graduates, as part of the University’s intention to be the social dedicating university. KKU students are like the fruits of Kalaphruek tree, the beloved tree of Khon Kaen University that has grown and expanded the branches all over the area. Students who come to study here will be another step of our pride, for you possess knowledge, competency, and perseverance. When starting the life as a student, besides full intention to study, students should know how to adjust yourselves to the social context that has changed. University life is different from school. The feeling of freedom and free of regulations actually is the “discipline” that everyone must hold on to and learn how to manage the student life until you reach the goal, that is completion of education as the “graduate of Khon Kaen University” within the time frame. Students must be able to apply the knowledge, experiences, and different sciences learned in the University for the benefits of yourselves, society, and the world.”

“Khon Kaen University welcomes all freshmen and congratulates the “61st Kalaphruek” who come to study at Khon Kaen University. I wish you all happiness, good physical and mental health, and full intellect to gracefully grow as the “Kalaphruek” of Khon Kan University,” ended the President.

The welcoming activities for 2024 freshmen are still ongoing. There is the orientation of each faculty on Friday June 14 and on June 15, there will be the event called, “Home Hub La Kham Phaeng Hong Haeng Huk Man Su Khwan Kalaphruek 61st”, which is organized by the Student Organization at the 50th Year Sports Ground. On June 17, the same activity is held for the Faculty of Multi-disciplinary Sciences at Nongkhai Campus. Classes will begin on June 17 and on Thursday June 20, an activity, “ISAAN Pride” will be held by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Student Organization, the Student Council and the network, the parking ground of the Sports Center, Khon Kaen University. On Friday June 28, there is the Open the Club Area 2024 by the Student Organization at the parking ground of the Sports Center. At the Faculty of Multidisciplinary Sciences, there will be the RHYTHM OF LOVE activity at the Activity Ground, Lecture Hall and Laboratory 2.

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Photos: Attapon Hampong and Natthawut Jaruwong



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