Architecture students draw street art to foster sustainable tourism

KKU Architecture joins BBG Association in graffiti drawing, themed around Naga and community, to promote tourism in Khilekyai village of Buengkarn province

On May 15-18, 2019, Faculty of Architecture of Khon Kaen University has envisioned the Devotion by Design as its working philosophy. Following this principle, the faculty leads its group of 22 design students to the making of graffiti in Buengkan province. The students were involved in drawing pictures Naga and its community cultural and belief integrity. The activity is conducted as a part of the requirements of the course named visual identity and advertising design under the supervision of Dr. Kham Jaturongkakul, Ms. Montida Lertnimanoradi, and Mr. Attapol Lamuang. The program is held in collaboration with BBG Sport Association under the patronage of Princess Bajarakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati.

Dr. Kham briefed that the program was initiated via the invitation from Karb Studio’s Suthipong Suriya, who launched a program to promote tourism in Buengkan province. Mr. Suthipong was previously invited to give a lecture on food stylist to the design students in 2018.

The drawing was intended for the narration of a cultural epics prevailing in the community. The total of 11 pictures were drew on a temple’s walls to reflect the local belief in Naga in specific sites of Naga epics including Khilekyai village in Sophisai and Khamchanod district. The graffiti, a sequence epics of 70 meters long, also reflects the community life represented by the pictures of morning merit making, lovely pets and the children playing in a field with the image of a Naga on the background. The activity allows the design students and the members of the BBG association to express their artistic skill that may also attract more tourists to the area.

Dr. Kham added that the program helps the students to learn about: 1) Designing a uniformity image narration, 2) Being patients and committed to the completion of the work. The students had to work in the sun at the temperature of 35-40 degree centigrade. The students learned from performing real art work, 3) Team working and harmony, 4) Being a part for community development and promoting community economic earn. The faculty is aware of the importance to generate the optimal learning among all the learners instead of promoting individual achievement in any competition. The faculty was responsible for the costs recurring from this activity.

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