KKU young swimmer wins 2 gold medals from male 50-m backstroke and 50-m breaststroke and 2 silver medals from the Happiness Games of university staff

The 39th Happiness Games or the Sports Competition of Thai University Personnel was held at Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University from May 25 to June 3, 2023. The highlight of May 30 was at the swimming games: 50-m backstroke and 50-m breaststroke of men under 29 years of age. It turned out that Mr. Natthapat Boonyuen, a swimmer from Khon Kaen University won the golden medals for male 50-m backstroke and 50-m breaststroke. He also won two more silver medals from male 50-m freestyle and 50-m butterfly style, totaling 4 medals just for himself.

Natthapat Boonyuen from Khon Kaen University’s International Demonstration School said, “I have been swimming for 15 years and used to be a university sportsman. Swimming is fascinating for me for it’s good for my concentration and health. I practice every day after work. I’d like to urge every staff of KKU to allocate time for exercising for your health. You will work more efficiently. For this game, I expected to get 4 gold medals, but I lost, only due to the 0.02 second missing. So I could only win 2 gold medals. Anyway, I’m still happy for the medals. Next year in Chiangmai, I’ll do my best to get 4 gold medals.”


News: Boriphat Thasi


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