KKU joins Thai Retailers Association under the digital age to offer programs that promote national and international markets

Friday May 19, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. – Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy of Khon Kaen University signed an MOU between Khon Kaen University and the Digital-Age Thai Retailers Association at Wanglert Room, First Floor, BS.01 Building, Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy.

Assoc. Prof. Pensri Charoenwanich, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy, Khon Kaen University reported that the MOU between Khon Kaen University and the Digital-Age Thai Retailers Association is aimed at joint development of programs that follow the new paradigm of instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels so that they meet the needs of learners and the markets both in the country and abroad. These programs will open up a chance for both lecturers and students to exchange their knowledge in instruction and research. More learning resource channels will be added so that people in general who are interested to learn can learn. It is expected that the competitive competency of Thai retailers will thus be able to survive in the digital age.

“Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy is joining with the Thai Retailers Association with the goal to be the leader in developing roughly 200 retailing shops in Khon Kaen by enhancing their digital skills related to trading and taxation. The project is dubbed “Sustainable Upgrading of Community Retailers by the Digital System”.

There will be two programs offered under this project, namely the training program for 200 students of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy in shop development, which is scheduled in July 2023; and a training program for at least 200 community retailer shops in Khon Kaen Province in the retailing shop administration technology. The trainees, both students and retailers attending the training will then work together to develop and strengthen community retailers in Khon Kaen.

How Thai retailers will survive in the digital age?

Khun Suthep Ponpruepason, Chairman of the Digital-Age Thai Retailers Association thanked Khon Kaen University for the MOU and support of technology and knowledge in the digital system for entrepreneurs of community retailers. This corresponds to the Association’s regular propulsion of the digital system for upgrading the community trading in terms of shop management, goods stocking and transportation that will enable exchange and transporting of goods from all regions or among all community retailers in the whole country.

“The use of the digital system such as the relevant applications will help solving the problem from the selling of lower price goods in the retailing market. At the same time, there will be the POS system to assist in shop development and issuance of electronics tax invoice, avoiding the tax submission problem the retailers are facing.”

In addition, the important thing of community retailers at present involves financial resources. At the latest stage, the Savings Bank and BAAC including the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion (OSMEP) are pleased to support this project to enable retailer shops to achieve their goals.

Miss Taneeya Naiyapinit, Deputy Governor of Khon Kaen Province said on behalf of the Province that she was pleased to witness the collaboration between the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy of Khon Kaen University and the Digital-Age Thai Retailers Association. With the knowledge and expertise of the Faculty and the development of the software or products of the Association, it is certain that the project, even though only piloting on 200 retailers, is an important step towards the future. If this project is successful, it will be the prototype for other community retailers, and other small SMEs will have a chance to develop and carry out their business efficiently and sustainably.


News: Jiraporn Prathomchai




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