International Affairs Division holds the “Cultural Trip 2023”

March 24, 2023 – Division of International Affairs of Khon Kaen University organized the 2023 Cultural Trip 2023 for 35 foreign students who are studying at the undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral degree levels from 8 countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Nepal, Italy and Kiribati. The program was aimed at opening up a chance for foreign students to acquire experiences related to multi-cultures and the cultures of the Northeast of Thailand and at the same time, share their own culture. The other purpose was to strengthen good relationships among themselves. The trip was made for the students to learn and share with Thai students of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences of Khon Kaen University Nongkhai Campus. The topic of March 24 was: “Life and Experience at University”. The activity for building relationships among the students featured sports competition that brought good impression and friendship among participants.

March 265-26, 2023 – The students were taken to Om-ko Sub-district, Dongdara District, Udon Thani Province. The topic on these two days was: “Local Culture: Spirit Way of life”. The activities involved demonstration to the students the Isan community lifestyle. There was the transfer of villagers’ wisdom through lectures and demonstrations of cloth weaving and mat weaving with an indigenous tool, buffalo bathing, making web mobiles (Tung). The students then experienced a ride on a cart that took them around the homestay site. This activity was very interesting to participants. The last activity was the ice breaking or relationship-building activity for the students to exchange their visions. The activity ended with the participants making conclusion about what they obtained from the trip. They reported that they were impressed by the activities and believed that the event gave them a lot of experiences and knowledge about multi-cultures. In addition, they also made friends and exchanged ideas about the way of living and learning. At the end, the foreign students thanked the International Affairs Division and all of those who arranged the fun and useful activities for them They hoped that the International Affairs Division would organize this kind of cultural trip again in the future.

News: Sirinya Sitthimongkon, an International Relation Officer, International Affairs Division

Photos: Thai Tranh Ngoc, a volunteer student who assisted in the cultural trip and Sakhon Khaochaimaha, an Information Technology Officer of the International Affairs Division




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