KKU Demonstration School brings home reputation from winning the golden medal at the International Robot Olympiad 2022

January 12-16, 2023 – The Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University, Secondary Section (Faculty of Education) and the Satit robot club under the supervision of Ajarn Somchoke Kaewuthat and Ajarn Watcharen Saengsuwan, sent members of Satit robot club including Master Siwatchanat Saengsuwan (Seel) and Master Thanthakorn Jirajaroenpat (Kim) two eighth graders of the school to join in the 24th IRO 2022 (International Robot Olympiad 2022: Phuket Thailand). Ajarn Watcharen Saengsuwan was the coach and also supporter of the expenses in training and making parts of their robot. A parent group also supported for all traveling expenses. This year, Phuket Province and Phuket City Municipality and the Thailand Robot Club, Thai Robot Teacher Club, M REPUBLIC EVENT CO., LTD., the governmental and private sectors were the host of the event with Mr. Kim Jong Wan, Chairman of the Korean Robot Association. The event was held at the Gymnasium in Sapanhin, Phuket Municipality and was attended by thousands of young students from 16 countries that also entered the competition.

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The IRO 2022 (International Robot Olympiad 2022: Phuket Thailand) was held for the youths in the country and overseas to learn and share their experiences as well as to build friendship so that they will become future leaders. The purpose was to increase the youths’ vision in science and technology that will enable them to develop their skills and initiatives in making robots. This is the major foundation for future innovations. The event was also the competition stage that raised interest among the youths and people in general who are competent in developing robots and writing computer programs. The competition this year contained 16 criteria and was divided into 2 levels, namely, ‘Junior’ aged 10-12 years or the primary students and ‘Challenge’ aged 13-18 years or the secondary level. There were over 1,000 competitors from 16 countries this year.



Siwatchanat Saengsuwan (Seel), an eighth grader from the Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University, Secondary Section (Faculty of Education) entered the single competition in the FPV Racing Simulator category, as one of the 60 teams. The competitive criteria were strict, but Siwatchanat Saengsuwan (Seel) was able to win the first prize and received the gold medal from this FPV Racing Simulator category.

The next category was the Creative category Challenge. The Satit Robot Club entered the competition under the team name: Siln Robotics. Members of this team were: Master Siwatchanat Saengsuwan (Seel), Master Thanthakorn Jirajaroenpat (Kim), eighth graders from the Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University, Secondary Section (Faculty of Education), and Master Anavil Sawasdipanit (Ek), a seventh grader from Khon Kaen Wittayayon School and a former student at the the Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University, Primary Section (Faculty of Education). The Siln Robotics Team competed with 44 teams from other countries and won the honorable mention prize.

Siwatchanat Saengsuwan (Seel) said, “I am proud and glad with the prize. It drives me to proceed with more development of my competency, both in technology and language, so that I can catch up with the future world. I will explain about my training on SILN Channel on YouTube.”

Thanthakorn Jirajaroenpat (Kim) said, “I was able to meet people from different countries and trained to work in team. I also learned new things. It was fun and worthwhile. I’d like the competition to be held again in Thailand. The prize is the pride of our team. I will bring the experience gained to develop myself more.”

Anavil Sawasdipanit (Ek) said, “I’m proud to be able to enter the competition. I personally think that this is very good experience, for I see new technologies from the projects of others from many countries. These encourage me to develop creative ideas. I’d like more friends to study about technologies. Thank you.”

Ajarn Watcharen Saengsuwan (Coach Top) added, “This international competition where our students joined really built their experiences and inspiration. They met friends from many countries and obtained new ideas and saw how students from other countries learned. The experiences will encourage learning about Robotics at our Demonstration School. Now, I have become a trainer in robots for the Satit kku robot club, under the cooperation of the Demonstration School, Ajarn Sunet Sribunlert and Ajarn Somchoke Kaewuthat. I hope that this event will inspire students at the school to learn about robots and there will be more chances for our students to enter competition in different venues so that the students will obtain new experiences and develop their potential as students in other countries.”

News: Watchara Noichompoo

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