Architecture student design team awarded the first runner-up prize from Key Visual Graphic Contest

Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen University congratulates Miss Kanyarat Phatoh, Miss Pitsinee Janmoon, Miss Sirapassaorn Suwannasri and Mr. Phitchaya Petsathian, 3rd year students majoring in design of the Faculty of Architecture, for winning the first runner-up prize at the Key Visual Graphic Contest, and for receiving a cash award of 50,000 baht. The Key Visual Graphic is under the Smart Book Project – a digital directory for silk producers and silk entrepreneurs all over the country. The contest was organized by Office of Thailand Identity, Permanent Secretary Office, Office of the Prime Minister.

The design of Key Visual Graphic to be used as the theme in designing artwork of this publication was intended by the organizer to incorporate Thai identity in the various emblems and illustrations.  Fighting fish and Thai silk with bullet wood flower pattern are chosen as the specific Thai identity. The colors for the design are golden, to convey the sense of luxuries, wealth, and honor, comparable to Thai fighting fish that swim and flutter beautifully in water; and deep blue, that resembles water streams running to meet from all directions or entrepreneurs who cluster together to create flutteringly beautiful silk. The success of the student team also owes to Asst. Prof. Kham Jaturongkhakul, Ph.D., their advisor who gave instructions and suggestions that led the students to this achievement.

The Smart Book Project – a digital directory for silk producers and silk entrepreneurs all over the country – has been carried out to honor Her Majesty Queen Sirikit on the occasion of HM’s 90 anniversary. It is the project that is directly related to Her Majesty’s work in promoting Thai silk products. The Project also publicizes and builds commercial opportunities to sericulture farmers and silk entrepreneurs all over the country. These people are invited to enter the digital system through the database construction in order for them to have the channel for selling their products in the digital commercial platform.

Photos: Pitsinee Janmoon

News: Kannaphat Sirikiat



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