KKU joins Isan research network and NRCT to hold the 2021 Seminar on Laboratory Safety Standard

Thursday January 20, 2022 from 8:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m. – The Regional Northeast Research Network  and the National Research Council (NRCT) held a seminar on “Laboratory Safety Standards (The Northeast). Dr. Wiparat Dee-ong, Director of the National Research Council (NRCT) presided over the opening ceremony. Prof. Monchai Duangchinda, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Graduate Study gave a welcoming speech. Over 50 researchers from different universities attended the ceremony and the seminar, which took place at Orchid Ballroom, 2nd Floor, Pullman Raja Orchid Hotel, Khon Kaen.

The seminar was aimed at public relating the safety standards of various laboratories in the region, exchanging experiences in regional laboratory safety standards, and building cooperation in the safety standards of laboratories between universities and NRCT.

Dr. Wiparat Dee-ong, Director of the National Research Council (NRCT) talked about the work under NRCT that it has been ongoing since 2017 with strong cooperation from the research networks in the 4 regions: the North with Chiangmai University, the Northeast with Khon Kaen University, the Center with Kasetsat University and the South with Hadyai University. Under the framework of collaboration, the 4 regional networks will hold important activities in academic competitions in the form of hybrid meeting on safety standards of laboratories. NRCT emphasizes the holding of an annual seminar on this topic continuously so that there will be dissemination of the information to make people understand and aware of the safety standards. It is important to have the good practices in this regard. The work has been upgraded in terms of quality, efficiency and system of the laboratories. This time, there is promotion and support for the laboratories to receive evaluation for upgrading the standards according to ESPReL Checklist in the form of peer evaluation.

“We expect that from this meeting, there will be some innovations in the management of safety standards in laboratories all over Thailand. The infrastructures related to quality will also be set in order to promote research potential, quality assurance, and increasing competitive competency based on strong science and technology infrastructures.”

Prof. Monchai Duangchinda, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Graduate Study welcomed the participants by saying that Khon Kaen University was pleased and honored to have the participants coming to the regional seminar this time, which was organized by the National Research Council and the regional research network. Administrators, experts and guest speakers joined from many institutions. Khon Kaen University has a number of laboratories that can be an example owing to their safety standard and good practices. We are ready to provide consultation to researchers both in the country and abroad.

At the seminar, there was a special talk on “Occupational Hygiene, Environment and Safety: Important Components for Sustainable Development” by Assoc. Prof. Nesinee Chai-ia, M.D., from the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University. There was a forum for learning and sharing on “Best Practices for Laboratory Safety” by Assoc. Prof. Artit Neramittakapong, Ph.D., Head of the Host University, Khon Kaen University; Asst. Prof. Pratchaya Thepnarong, Ph.D., Head of the Host University, Suranaree University of Technology; Asst. Prof. Preecha Bunjung, Ph.D., Medium-sized Host University, Ubon Ratchathani University;  Asst. Prof. Wutthichai Sitthiwong, Ph.D., Head of the Medium-sized Host University, Isan Rajamangala University Surin. Asst. Prof. Ratthaban Khanphonoi, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Engineering Khon Kaen University was the moderator. There was also a talk on “Safety of Research Information, Knowing First means Safety” by Dr. Jutharop Phetcharaburanin, M.D., from the Faculty of Medicine Khon Kaen University; Dr. Arporn Wangwatanasin, M.D., from the Faculty of Medicine Khon Kaen University; and M.L. Manida Suksawasdi, from the International Phenome Laboratory of Khon Kaen University. The learning and sharing session featured presentations of 16 poster topics, and 50 video topics. Over 200 researchers, lecturers and laboratory officers joined.

At the final part of the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Chainarong Navanukhroh, Ph.D., Vice Chairman of the Northeast Regional Research Network conveyed a closing speech and represented KKU to thank the lecturers, researchers and academicians who joined the meeting. NRCT sees the importance and wants to develop the Northeast towards the national level. It is expected that the universities under the network will lead their research work towards the national and international levels too, explained Assoc. Prof. Chainarong.

“This seminar is a stage for exchanging or experiences and good practices among the institutions in the region. One important thing is to build inspiration for the related institutions to become aware of the upgrading of safety in laboratories for efficiency in the long run,” Assoc. Prof. Chainarong said.


In addition, there were announcements of the awards for the works presented. Asst. Prof. Suchat Watanachai, D.V.M., Ph.D., Head of the Surgery and Reproduction and Assistant the Dean for Digital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Khon Kaen University made the announcements. The awards were categorized into 3 levels: excellent, outstanding and good.

Video Presentation Awards

5 excellent works: Soil Science Laboratory, Ubon Ratchathani University; Science Test Center for Microbiology Laboratory, Isan Rajamangala University Surin; 24305 Chemistry Laboratory, Rajabhat University Nakhon Ratchasima; Environmental Chemistry Laboratory, Science Test Center, Isan Rajamangala University Surin; and Chemistry Laboratory, Rajabhat University Roi-et.

7 outstanding awards: Center for Development of Laboratory Diagnosis in Medicine, Khon Kaen University;  Livestock Autopsy Laboratory, Khon Kaen University ; Environmental and Occupational Hygiene Laboratory, Wongchavalitkul University; Chromatography Gas Laboratory, Rajabhat University Surin; Biology Laboratory, Isan Rajamangala University; Water Quality Analysis Laboratory, Rajabhat University Surin; and Food Chemistry Laboratory, Isan Rajamangala University Surin.

8 good awards: Animal Feed Analysis Laboratory, Rajabhat University Buriram;  Industrial Biology Laboratory, Rajabhat University Roi-et; Microbiology Analysis Laboratory, Rajabhat University Sakonnakhon; Biology Laboratory, Rajabhat University Surin; Water Analysis Laboratory, Rajabhat University Buriram;  Synchrotron Light Research Institute Laboratory, Public Organization; Chemistry Laboratory, Isan Rajamangala University Suring; and Soil Analysis Laboratory, Rajabhat University Buriram.

Poster Presentation Awards

4 excellent awards: Public Health Laboratory, Suranaree University of Technology; General Chemistry Laboratory, Isan Rajamangala University Sakonnakhon; Electron Microscopic Laboratory, Khon Kaen University; and Project and Thesis Laboratory, Khon Kaen University.

8 outstanding awards: Central Laboratory of Faculty of Science, Rajabhat University Udonthani; Chemistry Laboratory, Nakhonpanom University; Science and Environment Laboratory 1, Rajabhat University Sakonnakhon; Chemical Analysis Laboratory, Khon Kaen University; Animal Health Research Technology Group Laboratory, Khon Kaen University; Hydrogen Production Research Group from Biomass, Khon Kaen University; Genetics Cell Research Laboratory, Khon Kaen University; and Central Laboratory 3623, Khon Kaen University.

3 good awards: Advanced Chemistry Laboratory, Rajabhat University Mahasarakham; Experimental Animal Laboratory, Ubon Ratchathani University; and Heavy Metal Sample Preparation Laboratory, Ubon Ratchathani University.


News / Photos: Jiraporn Prathomchai, Mallika Naklek, a student under Cooperative Education Program, Communications Division


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