Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences donates supplies to support the Field Hospital under the Covid-19 pandemic

November 24, 2021 – the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences, Khon Kaen University Nongkhai Campus joined in the donation of necessary supplies to support the operations of the Field Hospital under the Covid-19 pandemic and to assist people who are in trouble in Nongkhai. Asst. Prof. Kiat Saenarun, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences; Asst. Prof. Nattapon Traiperm, Ph.D., Vice Dean of the Faculty; and Mr. Lamun Kungkampa, Director of the Administrative Division of the Faculty represented the Faculty in the donation at Nongkhai Hospital.

Nongkhai Province is running the “One baht a day” project, which is being collaborated by the Social Mission Group and the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences, KKU, to help those infected with Corona virus 2019, those who are affected from the spread of the disease, and the Field Hospital in Nongkhai. The viruses in Thailand have at present mutated and the severity is increasing because so many people are infected in many provinces.

The implementation phases for assistance are divided into 3 phases as follows:

Phase 1: October, 2021

Phase 2: November, 2021

Phase 3: December, 2021

The Field Hospital and Nongkhai Center Hospital are now prepared to provide treatment to the patients with Covid-19 and are also ready to lessen the troublesome of the people in the area. It is expected that everyone’s quality of life will be improved soon.


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