KKU staff and students, under the lead of the President, mobilizes funds to help flood victims in Khon Kaen

October 27, 2021 – KKU staff and students, led by Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University went out to visit 4 villages. The team included Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relation; Assoc. Prof. Lampang Maenmat, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Graduate Study in Management; Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs; Asst. Prof. Natthapat Ananteerakul, Assistant to the President for Education and Academic Service; Asst. Prof. Wiyada Panjarak, M.D., Deputy Director of the Blood Bank, Srinagarind Hospital; Assoc. Prf. Orathai Piayura, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; Asst. Prof. Araya Chaoruangrit, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Technology; Mongkhon Khamsue, President of the KKU Student Union; Director of the Office of the President; Director of the Law Division; Director of the Student Development and Alumni Relation Division; Director of the Communications Division, students and staff. The visit was coordinated by the Communications Division and was aimed at giving out consumption goods and foods acquired from the University’s budget and the Mo Dindaeng Fund, the Central Blood Bank. Donated articles were also obtained from different faculties and institutes as well as the public under the “Khon Kaen University assistance to flood victim” activity, “Khon Kaen University cares for the society under crisis” Project. The donated articles were put in 475 aid packages with alcohol gel from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, masks from Miss Lily, Co. Ltd., and Drinking Water from Boonrod Trading, Co. Ltd. Besides, there were 100 sets of donated items from the Student Union, 475 sets of articles from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, totaling 873 sets. The aid packages were given to the households affected by the flood in Ban Buengniam, Ban Buengsawang, Ban Khuipho, and Ban Pakpuay.

The team left the Office of President, KKU at 9:00 a.m., to Ban Buengniam, Muang District, Khon Kaen and 405 packages were given to the villagers there. Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee represented KKU in giving out the packages here. The representatives receiving the packages were Mr. Natthapong Detphaeng, Buengniam Sub-district Mayor, Mr. Sawat Saensong, Head of the sub-district. The second place was Ban Buengsawang where 241 more packages were given out followed by another 85 sets to Ban Khuipho. Assoc. Prof. Lampang Maenmat, Ph.D., represented KKU at this village. The last place was Ban Pakpuay where a lot of people were in trouble and came out to meet the team, led by KKU President.

After the packages were given out, the President talked to the people there about the intention of Khon Kaen University. “When we learned about the trouble of Khon Kaen people from the flood, we mobilized articles and necessary items from many sources. These packages contain consumption goods and food. We are able to assist 4 villages this time. In the long run, there are more faculties that will come to help the villages after the flood recedes. However, if the situation is not improved, there may be more assistance projects from KKU.”

Mr. Natthapong Detphaeng, Mayor of Buengniam Sub-district expressed his feeling towards KKU team. “Buengniam is the place that receives a lot of impact from flood, and this year, it happened already twice. Over 400 households are in trouble. I am much grateful to Khon Kaen University for the assistance.”

Mr. Sawat Saensong, Buengniam Sub-district Head said after representing the villagers to receive the donated packages, “I thank Khon Kaen University for the assistance this time, and thank the students who worry about our people here and come to visit us. I hope they will complete their studies and then come to help solve the problems such as flood in the future.”

At the point where the flood water was high, Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., and the team travelled by boat to visit the people there. The team also made some survey of the loss that happened to the villagers.

President of KKU Student Union, Mongkhon Khamkhonsue, gave an interview about his feeling. “KKU students see the troublesome of the people who are in need for help. As the University is the institution for the social, KKU students realized our roles to dedicate ourselves to help solve the problem. The Student Union has started the KKU Flood Assisting project and campaigned for people’s donation from the beginning. We went out to donate articles 4 times. This time it is a good chance for us to carry out our duty again, and it is also good experiences for the students to learn how to work for other sectors.”

“The most valuable thing for us is the experience in understanding the trouble faced by the people. It is not only the natural disaster that happens to people, there are other things that we should know in order to plan the useful activities to help the society,” Mongkhon said.

Khon Kaen University has carried out projects to assist people when there is flood every year. All organizations in KKU work together to mobilize funds and necessary articles to help the affected areas. This also answers the strategies of KKU 2020-2023, specifically the 4th strategy on Academic Service Transformation and Mindset of Social Devotion. New academic service of the University is worked out by collaboration of lecturers, staff and students with an aim to solve social problems. This is under the vision of the University: KKU is the Center of Social Wisdom that is changing from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Creating Shared Value (CSV) that will bring values to both the giver and the receiver.

News: Udomchai Supannawong

Photos: Udomchai Supannawong, Natthawut Jaruwong, Boriphat Thasi, Natthapong Chamnan-ua



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