KKU researchers on the move to help community enterprises standardize production via ‘Talent Mobility’ that aims at lessening gaps and sustainability

October 4, 2021 at 09:00 a.m. – The Science Park, Khon Kaen University, by the Industry Coordination Department led by Khun Pornchawarat Thanman, the Department Manager and the officers visited the site at Ban Fang Community Cooperatives Co. Ltd. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate the sensory test quality under the “Sweet Condensed Rice Milk Product from Chumphae Thapthim Rice Breed”, which is a project under the ‘Pre-Talent Mobility’. Ajarn Wannasiri Wannasuebchai, Ph.D., is the Project Leader. The Chairman and committee members of Ban Fang Community Cooperatives Co. Ltd. have conducted the test of 3 formulas of the sweet condensed milk products from rice milk, which will in turn be brought for further researching, developing, and improving, before the final products are ready for commercial purpose.

At 13:00 p.m., the team visited Khun Pairin Charnchit at the Community Enterprise for Promoting Farming Occupations at Non-udom Sub-district, Chumphae District, Khon Kaen. The visit was for making a request to use the site for producing and storing food products and to make an official request for the Code Number of the food products. The Science Park in this respect, coordinated in locating relevant researchers and specialists and connected what the outcomes were with the requirements of the community enterprises, in order to jointly improve and standardize the production processes as well as strengthening the competitive competency of the community enterprises.

News: Natthakan

Information and Photos: Pitchayapa


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