King Rama 9, the Great Artist, “The King of Musical World” and “The King of Jazz”
Thu 5 Jan. 2017

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was a great artist “Kitarachan” whose talents in modern music, his wisdom and intellect, his abilities and competence are like divine grace to the modern musical circle. His Majesty had expertise in all kinds of arts, fine arts, applied arts, and even handicraft that came from his own inspiration and interest to seek knowledge and expertise on his own when His Majesty was free from royal duties. This proves that in his heart, His Majesty always thought of “Happiness and benefits for Siam people.

Speaking of modern music, the genre of art of His Majesty’s profound interest, His Majesty was the specialist of “science, arts and imagination”. He studied the theories of modern music until he understood them profoundly and proficiently and was able to give knowledge to others related to composition of music, playing, and repairing or maintaining musical instruments. His Majesty began composing modern Thai songs with chromatic scale and minor scale. He applied “Luk lo” and “Luk rap”, the Thai classical music tactics of leading instruments and reiterating instruments in his songs. His Majesty used the natural C scale to suit the 5 tones in Thai language. His techniques were widely accepted and praised as His Majesty being the best modern music artist. And despite His Majesty hard work, he composed as many as 47 songs for Thai people to enjoy.    

Asst. Prof. Jenwit Pithak, a lecturer of the Modern Music program, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts had the good impression of the artist King from the time he was a boy and rode his bicycle to welcome His Majesty when he came to a degree conferral ceremony at Khon Kaen University. When he became a music teacher at Khon Kaen University Demonstration School, he led the school’s orchestra band to play the Royal Anthem at the ceremony. He and his students had to wait in the afternoon heat, but once the royal car was getting closer, some fresh breeze would always blow. And this, although weird, was always true every time he was there.  

“His Majesty’s preach on the topic of perseverance is respectfully applied in my instruction so that my students will be determined to do what they’re supposed to do, learn something accurately, not superficially and not doing many things at the same time. His Majesty was the best and beloved King. In my life as a teacher of modern music, I’m mostly impressed in the philosophical contents in his songs,” Asst. Prof. Jenwit said, “His Majesty’s songs can be compared to a scripture that we can use to teach ourselves.”


News: Watchara Noichompoo

Pictures: From the website: His Majesty King Bhumibol’s Works